Hi, I’m Cassandra, the owner here at Flowers and Fuck Off.

I was looking for the opportunity to build a business with my photography and pattern design skills, but stay true to my personality. Despite taking great pictures of flowers, I’m not a flowery person and I made the joke, flowers would be my aesthetic if it was Flowers & Fuck off.

It was like a literal lightbulb went off in my head. Why couldn’t flowers be paired with fuck off?

After that I pushed ahead full steam to build an online shop (with no web development experience) to sell my photos and designs on clothing and other products. And along came Flowers & Fuck Off.  This is where you go when you want something both pretty in your face but don’t know what to get someone or are too busy to pick out your own gift. My store has all sorts of clothing and accessories with original designs, with new products and designs being released all the time.

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