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Amongst the natural beauty of BC, the artists struggle to set boundaries for herself, and the uncertainty of the Covid Pandemic, FLOWERS & FUCK OFF, a small, independent online brand based out of Vancouver, BC was born. Solely run by multi-media artist and photographer, Cassandra Frechette. Fueled by her mental health journey and struggle to set boundaries with a simple “No” the combination of Flowers & Fuck off just felt like the right balance of quirky and humorous to offer the world. Pretty, practical, with a pinch of profanity our clothes are made to order and we know you’ll love them.


Mental Health Awareness | Original Designs | Nature | Creativity | Self Expression | Humour | Self Respect | Minimal Waste | Personal Growth | Bold | Unique| Independence | Honesty   

   |      Fashion. No Fucks Given.    |   Pretty. Not Polite.     |      Pretty. Practical. Profanity.  


Chillin on the beach wearing Flowers & Fuck Off Shirt & Hoodie


Hi, I’m Cassandra. And Flowers & Fuck Off is my first foray into the world of online stores and trying to sell my art.

But WHO AM I REALLY? Honestly, 3 years of therapy and I still struggle with this question. I’m a freak/weird/coordinator/photographer/artist/digital creator/film maker strange combination of practical and whimsical. Humour has always been my main coping mechanism, and I am just enough of a brat to find swearing to be both practical and whimsical (much to the despair of my parents.) Tee-Hee. 😛

I learned photography at a young age from my father, and have always been drawn heavily to visual arts, but was never led to believe that I could make anything of my art or projects. For the longest time it was a hobby I would pick up and then drop, like so many other hobbies over the years. But during the pandemic, like so many people, I started to reconsider everything, and with the encouragement of my most inspiring friend (who sadly lives too far away) and the support of her small business, That Zap Girl, https://thatzapgirl.com/, (check it out) I finally got the confidence and connectivity to get this started. And started seeing my art, photography, and surface pattern design as something worthy I wanted to put out into the world.  But despite that, and wanting to be seen for my creations, I have been terrified about being judged, failing, or even attacked for trying to put myself out there.  Combine that with a healthy dose of PTSD, Workplace Trauma and (until recently undiagnosed) ADHD, it took me a while to come up with a theme I could confidently run with. And then a hell of a lot longer to make anything from it.

Playing with Reflections and Flowers.

So, WHY FLOWERS AND FUCK OFF? I have always had trouble setting boundaries for myself. The ability to say no, or even Fuck Off was trained out of me as a child. I always wanted to be helpful and always put other people’s needs above my own. Which has not helped me in the long run. I was so desperate to be useful and nice, I burnt out dedicating all my energy to other people’s projects because I couldn’t justify saving time for myself. The name not only makes me laugh every time I say it, it reminds me of the purpose behind it. Self-empowerment, setting boundaries, realizing you don’t owe anyone, self-actualization, blunt honesty and even mental health awareness are common struggles that, thanks to the internet, I know can realize are more universal than just me. It seemed a good place to start. Something I am doing for me, that might also be useful to other people has been a way of tricking me to keep the volume of my doubts at bay.

But why Flowers? I have never considered myself a flowery person (I refused to wear anything flowery when I was younger, much to my mother’s chagrin). I hated that they were presented as “Oh so cute and girly.” Yeah. Seriously, not really my vibe. So, I have been resistant to flowery patterns/images ever since.  But then I moved to BC, and how could I not fall in love with taking photos of the flowers that are EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I started taking walks just to look at people’s garden’s and take pictures and amassed a giant collection of photos. (Not to mention the 100000 other photos I took and then never did anything with over the years.)

So, when I was coming up with a theme for this first online store project, I really wanted to utilize those photos. But I resisted that for the longest time. Then, one day, when my partner asked WHY I didn’t want to do flower theme, I commented that it would be my vibe if I could do Flowers & Fuck off. Then it clicked. Why COULDN’T I do Flowers & Fuck Off? (Well, other than the government telling me that it might be offensive to some customers, which is why Flowers & Fuck Off is a part of the official Flowers & Flock Off.)

Tribal Glow Pattern

So, by naming my first online store Flowers & Fuck Off is a statement to myself. To own what I have and to be comfortable setting boundaries, even if it comes down to some gentle swearing to get the point across.


WHY PATTERNS AND DESIGNS FOR CLOTHING?  I have always been plus sized. And I have always had trouble finding cool, fun, quirky patterns I liked on clothes I actually wanted to wear. So, Print-on-Demand clothing is my first step into the marketplace. I will continue to look for more print shops to work with, and hopefully in the future license my designs to other plus sized clothing shops in the future. I also love to go to festivals and raves, and I am always enthralled by the bright, bold patterns and designs I see everywhere. It’s hard not to be inspired and dream of contributing to the good vibes with my own art.

Clothes are practical, these aren’t just to crowd a corner of your room, these designs are meant to be worn and seen!

If you’ve gotten this far into my bio and about the company page, thank you so much for reading. And I hope you like the designs as much as I like making them. Check back regularly for new patterns, signup for the mailing list or join us on social media.




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INSTAGRAM.COM/ FlowersAndFuckOff

TIKTOK: @FlowersandFuckOff



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Cassandra rocking the orange flower zipper hoodie!

   |      Fashion. No Fucks Given.    |   Pretty. Not Polite.     |      Pretty. Practical. Profanity.  


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