What the Pickle?
Shirt 1

Inspired by Tiktok, introducting the start of the “What the Pickle?” Collection!

Which one are you gonna wear?


What the pickle design 2 t shirt mock up

What the Pickle?

Shirt 2

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Who ever said Pretty has to be Polite? Or that Flowers Have to be Nice? I say FUCK OFF!

Welcome to my Flowers & Fuck Off!

Flowers & Fuck Off started as an inside joke and then took on a life of it’s own as I started designing more products and patterns, and here we are. We’ve got fucking T-Shirts, we’ve got fucking Hoodies! We’ve got patterned clothes for day or play! And it’s only available here!


Image with text from our first review!
Being silly by the beach rocking a White Crow No Shirt and Orange Flower Fuck Off Hoodie.
Cassandra rocking the orange flower zipper hoodie!

All designs by Cassandra Frechette, Supreme Flower here at Flowers and Fuck Off. All products are Print on Demand and ship directly to you from one of our two print shops, Raincoast Digital in Victoria, BC, or Art of Where in Montreal, Quebec. Check out our FAQ page for more information.

There are more products and designs coming soon so don’t forget to sign up for the Fucking Newsletter at the bottom!


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